Posted by: Kazandro Yuzon | March 28, 2009


You washed my dirty hands—

            My hands that is full of blood.

Like a balm, you touched my arms with care

            And blowing out the dirt that enters my eyes.


Then you toured me inside the fruit company

            With sacks, trays of bananas, pineapples, cherries.

You gave me all kinds of fruits to taste,

            All the fruits sugared with death.


I stand in front of the trays of bananas

            And you let me tasted all of them,

Letting me to become bloated

            For I’d tasted the sweetness of racial prejudice.


Then you smoothly touched my face

            With all your soft, godly hands;

Taking out my blindness, innocence,

            And lending your light appraised by the times.


Now, you let me see the entire

            United Fruit Company.

There, I remembered my hometown.

Like my hometown, the United Fruit Company

            Gives the sweetness of their deathly fruits

Until you took one of the Company’s

            Precious fruit gems,

Showing me the entire mystery

            That the fruit was actually corrupted

Yet the bastard flies keeps on repainting

            The fruits to its deceptive freshness.

Posted by: Kazandro Yuzon | October 22, 2008


The torches of triumph raised up high

Blazing fires reaching the indigo sky

Warm breeze came from God’s Kingdom

now embraces every walls of the old city

White gringos and God’s amigos now

raising up their crosses with pride,

for the crosses they held will shine upon

the heavens

defeating the lonely, fading sunset

It will also typify new era

not only to the old city

but also to the whole virgin island.


As the faith triumphs among the pagans,

centuries past, a monument was built

made of high quality bronze from Spain

and reshaped by the skillful hands from Europe

This monument symbolizes the spirit,

the identity given to the gentiles—of

being God’s followers,

slaves of God’s followers.


The monument was erected within the city

named after John the Baptist

Joannes Est Nomen Eius! They all shouted

as the city gains its identity

from being a king to a useless slave

Built by using tons of bronze metal, this

monument always received kisses from

numerous waves,

kisses of welcome and protest

Numerous thunders also paid reverence

making the statues deformed

but these statues made of bronze remains so

strong, that it will recognize a memorial for

real kings, venerated with deep holiness.


Today, standing up high, proudly representing

the whole island

These four statues of deceit and monocracy

stayed in its deformed figure

The history repeated to the inhabitants

of the rich port:

All of them  still chained tightly from

their hands and feet

Freedom is still not present

Nationalism still in its old place—nothing

Still dependent and useless…

Still remained as a colony

but now of the empire of the

milk and honey.


The flaming torches were already faded

There is no triumph anymore

and these bronze statues are now infesting

with destructive, fatal rusts.


Dirtier than ever.

Posted by: Kazandro Yuzon | October 16, 2008


by Demogargon Saatbarmald

For once I will say it to you:

“Never judge a book by its cover

nor judging a silent stream against

the noisy, have waves

for you do not know the nature

of the subject you are judging for.”


Don’t give judgment to something

that makes your first impression: just

like the stream in front of us

You thought it was shallow

because the water runs silently

You thought that the stream was

peaceful, a paradise,

a gem, a life-saver

Yet you did not know the

reason of its existence

You keep on insisting that the stream

is safe to swim without knowing

the real mystery covers it.


Now look at you, lying peacefully

on a precious, deathly crib

beneath the decaying tomb

Your world has just lost

in one snap—because of your

misjudgment that this stream was safe

Too late to realize that

silent water runs deep

Now our worlds apart and it is

because of the silent stream

in front of us.

Posted by: Kazandro Yuzon | October 16, 2008



Song written by Demogargon Saatbarmald (for the novel Quiero Amarte Hoy by Harry S. Parker) 

Nothing is everlasting, my dear

Because we do not know what might happen

By tomorrow.

We do not know what our fate will be.

Our only hope is our faith

And our unconditional love.


If I let you escaped in my arms

And never return

I will become lonely, regretful

My life will become worthless

Because my heart already yours.



I want to love you now—

To embrace you warmly

And feel my priceless love and care.

I will hold you with my hands

And savor each moment together,

Tasting your addictive kiss

Treasuring our memorable romance

Because our life is not for eternity

I want to love you now

Before our lives ended.


While we are traveling towards

Our destined paradise

I will hold you tightly

And never to let you go again.

I will give you everything

Just to prove that I am worthy inside your heart.

My body and soul is the price

Just tell me that you love me too.




I want to love you now

Because nothing is everlasting

We must cherish every second

Making love together.

Loving you is my strength

Now, you are here to fulfill my life.

I hope this is not an illusion.




I want to love you now

Because nothing is everlasting.

We must save our good memories,

Our treasured romance.



Posted by: Kazandro Yuzon | October 16, 2008

Rainy Days

by Demogargon Saatbarmald


During rainy days, I felt lonely

As I saw the raindrops falling

And the thunder growling;

I felt deeply hurt.

My heart mourns to death

Of the dethroned bright sun.

I saw the dark clouds

Coming my way.

I started to cry

With my heart who is

Full of sorrows.

I thought there is no end,

Waiting for my day to fall

Into the darkest hour.



Whenever I saw the rain,

I felt I am alone.

Lonely, crying in one place.

Raindrops resemble my tears

Drowning my mortality,

Killing me softly.

It will never come to end.



I am begging the rain

Please go away!

Save me from being wet, embarrassed.

Bring back my light again

And let me to feel its warmness.

Posted by: Kazandro Yuzon | October 16, 2008

Perpignan (To Esther Dumagpi)

by Demogargon Saatbarmald

(as seen in Emanila poetry

White clouds are on the way

Flowers and trees are swaying

As the warm breeze blowing

I saw a woman sitting

On the creepy park bench.

She was alone in the middle

Of the fortunate city, Perpignan.

Alone, the woman shed her tears

Of sorrow, misfortune and grief.

She looked around, she was alone.

Finding someone to lean on,

But No one lend their shoulders.

Her dimmed face saw no luck…

Her face started to darken.

Her melancholia is killing her

After seeing her own unfortunate life.

She was surrounded by joy

By the fortunate Perpignan

Yet she was there, alone

Crying in the park bench.

Her reason is her tragic life

Given by her unfortunate destiny.

Posted by: Kazandro Yuzon | October 16, 2008


I am lonely…

Like the rainbow

Who began to fade,

Like the flowers

Who began to die

I am experiencing



While the whole

World is rejoicing

I am on sorrow

While they’re living

I am dying.



Makes me dead

Experiencing solitude

For thousand years

I am about to



I don’t want

To experience

Another thousand

Years of solitude

I’m already

Hebetudinous person,

Surrendering from pain.

I want to be

Happy and free!

I want to enjoy every

Blessings that God gave me

I want to enjoy

What life is

All about.


I want to live

Like the birds flying,

Like the seas a-hauling,

Like the wind blowing

I want to be like them

Free, merry and fulfilled

I don’t want to experience

Another millennia

Of solitude

This time I will make

My life more




Posted by: Kazandro Yuzon | October 16, 2008

Angel in the Wind

by: Demogargon Saatbarmald, Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. 



I saw the angel of my dreams.

Descending from the dimmed sky.

Bright aura occupied her resplendent beauty.

Her wings are as pure white as snow,

While bringing love and hope to the burden land.


She is free like the wind

Floating and flying weightlessly

While her soul clamoring

In the sky full of chaos.

She is there, bringing the light

With her heart who is full of grace

Hope, love and prosperity

For the enlightenment of every burden lives.


She descended to the land

And she gave charity to the lost ones

After giving joy to the flock,

She flied again against the wind.

But before she left, she promised,

“I will come back soon!”

If someone lost of track

She will return again

To bring love, peace and joy

To the burden land.


Her promise is full of

Fragrance of hope.

I knew she will come back,

Bringing happiness once again.

The angel in the wind

Will descend from the sky

To help the needy, lost ones;

And she will give again

The sparkling light

Of eternal happiness

To the ones who lives

In the burden land.

Posted by: Kazandro Yuzon | October 16, 2008


by Demogargon Saatbarmald. Copyright 2007.

First seen in the book The Sex Goddess and other Poems

Romans saw him again

Escaping from the crowded Galleria Spada

Wearing a pure white toga

With sparkling green laurels

Crowned on his head

While the berries and grapes he held

Began to rot and became useless.


As he escaped the Galleria

Vicolo del Polverone turned black.

He began to seduce men and women

Whom he met on his way.

The streets became muddy

While his feet stepped slowly

Turning every weird and innocent people

To deluge in muddy dungeon.


The Malato waited his moment

Until his journey came to an end

Skies turned dark and foggy

While walking through the curved streets;

Then he joined to the other demons

Who are feasting outside the streets.


As the men and women saw him,

Their eyes turned disgusted.

What a Bacchino Malato do in

Downtown Rome?

They guessed that Caravaggio has a problem

At the time the Malato was born.

Because of his weird appearance

The beauty of the city faded.


The Bacchino Malato exaggeratedly

Sways his deep inner soul

While walking alone towards

His undetermined destination;

Ignoring his perfectionist critics

Letting them to be exhausted.


The Malato wanted to change his old looks

And transformed it into more elegant ones

He finally decided to shop for a while

With the other nude demons on his way.


He went first to Dolce and Gabbana

But he had not tasted any of the garments

Too extravagant but not on his taste.

The next stop is Laura Biagotti.

Again, he hated the garmnents

Too luxurious but not on his taste

The Malato shook his head.


The third stop is the Prada

There, he saw many chicest and

Coolest clothes for all sexes

Like they were worn by the Gods and Goddesses

Yet he only shook his head.

All he wanted is to glisten his beauty

Above and very different from others.


Final stop is the Versace.

Instead of going to Via Borgognona,

He went to Via Bocca di Leone.

There, he saw many elegant and

Subversive styles of clothing

That matches his tastes and preferences.


The Malato chose the red, sparkling dress

That is matched to all sexes.

People closed their eyes because of pain

As the Malato wore the Versace dress.

Sparkling renascence of the attire

Does not matched on their eyes.


The Bacchino Malato decided to go home

While wearing the official dress of the Inferno

The surroundings were engulfed with fire.

While walking towards his crowded home,

People were deluged in pain.

The grapes, berries and the

Green laurels on his head

Melted and turned into blood.


Finally, the Galleria Spada

Came to his senses.

At last, he was at home and

He returned to his figure;

Sitting affectionately beside a

Wooden table with rotten berries and

He posed like a desperate virgin.

Now, he is wearing a Versace trademark

Yet his entire body and soul didn’t change.




(Also seen in E-manila Poetry Website



Copyright 2007

First seen in the website


Boredom began to conquer my life as I

Looked into the never ending night sky.

Loneliness began to attack my entire being.

I need something to do to become satisfied,

That’s why I took my fully-charged iPOD

And turned it on for my convenience.

I began to press softly the circular pads

Before I played my desired music.


First I listened to Luis Fonsi.

His voice was very sympathizing as well

As the musical instruments playing.

Abrazar la Vida. I began to realize

What is life all about—my purpose

Why I am here on earth.

Embrace your life, says Fonsi,

Even if your life is full of tragedies,

Trials, sorrows. Because of such realizations

I cried to my miserable life—my life

Who needs to be changed.


Melancholia conquers my soul again

As Luis Fonsi serenades my ears.

Because I don’t want to feel the self-pity

About my tragic destiny, I decided

To switch to Carlos Ponce.

La Razón de mi Ser. The reason of my exsistence.

The entire lyrics tickled my ears as Ponce

Delivered it with full of magic.

There, my dreams came to life in an instant.

Fantasies began to tickle my imagination.

While Ponce is singing, I fantasized

How Zuleyka Rivera is romancing me.

Dame Chocolate. I remembered her first

Telenovela called. I dreamt I am the main

Protagonist as the chocolate proprietor;

Sweet, loving, and caring.

The reason of my life is by loving her.


Damn it! I began to feel an erection!


I decided to stop my fantasies and

Imaginations so I went Greek;

That is why Michalis Hatzigiannis

Whispered to my ears.

Den Fevgo, a solemn Greek love song

Began to sprinkle magic to my ears

His voice… bedroom voice makes me

Feel better. My entire being began to

Rest for a while, having peace of mind.

Also I dreamt with my love together

While we are walking at the top of the

Starry skies. There, I began to close my eyes

And sleep to greet the next day of my life.

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